Suneetha Maddineni, MD

Internal Medicine located in Mountain View, CA

About Dr. Maddineni

Suneetha Maddineni, MD, is a board-certified internal medicine physician in private practice. Dr. Maddineni offers comprehensive care to patients of all ages at her conveniently located office in Mountain View, California.

Dr. Maddineni earned a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery degree (MBBS) from Siddhartha Medical College in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India. She then moved to the United States, where she completed a number of medical observerships, externships, and research projects at hospitals and clinics in Maryland, California, and New York.

Dr. Maddineni completed her residency in internal medicine at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in Jamaica, New York. During her residency, Dr. Maddineni taught other medical students, managed the critical care unit, and participated in important clinical research on such topics as infectious diseases and mammograms.

Following her residency, Dr. Maddineni moved to California, where she worked as a hospitalist and an internist at different medical centers before joining a private practice. She is affiliated with four hospitals in the area around her office: El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Gatos, San Jose Regional Hospital in San Jose, and Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital in Salinas.

Dr. Maddineni is fluent in English, Hindi, and Telugu, a language spoken in Andhra Pradesh and other Indian states. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, traveling, music, and movies.


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